Regular Tours
are approximately 1 mile in length and last 60-75 minutes. You will be accompanied by a well trained guide throughout the beauty of the cavern. The temperature underground averages a comfortable 54 degrees throughout the year. There are 53 steps total, broken down into two separate sections. It is partially wheelchair accessible, however the pathways are a combination of concrete and gravel and there is a steep ramp descending into the cavern. These depart approximately every 15-20 minutes throughout the day.

Cost of Admission:
Adults    $12.00
Children ages 4-11    $7.50
Children under age 4    FREE
Senior Citizens (60+)    $10.00

Explorer Tours
are approximately 1 hour in length. A little more advanced than the regular tour but not as much as the Wild Tour. You will get wet and muddy and do some crawling in undeveloped areas of the caverns. Helmets and gloves are supplied and you will need to bring your own lights.
Explorer Tours
$20 all ages (minimum of four people)
Must be scheduled in advance

Extended Explorer Tours
are approximately 2 hours in length. 
Extended Explorer Tours
$30 all ages (minimum of four people)
Must be scheduled in advancee


Wild Tours
Wild Tourss $40 each (minimum of four people)
Must be scheduled in advance. 

Call for special group pricing information. All tours are subject to a price reduction if we have more than 10 people on any tour.  Group rates are open for scouts, church, and school groups.  From 10-200 (or more) no group is too small or too large.

We also do birthday parties!!!

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